Thomas and the Secret of Moose Mountain Quarry is the 1st episode of Scoop the Train's thirteenth season.


Greta (from Greta's Secret) tells Thomas about the mysterious railway of Moose Mountain, and the mountain's quarry. Thomas is impressed, and heads to Triton Docks to tell Scoop who's shunting a train of goodies for Pirate. Thomas tells Scoop about Moose Mountain and it's quarry. Scoop is suprised and the two set off on a journey to prove that Moose Mountain Quarry exists. The two go up at first but the rails can't hold their packed cars and breaks leaving two of the trucks behind. Scoop and Thomas don't notice, and continue on. Then it becomes night and the two settle in for the night at a cabin's garage (with some spare rails to plant).

When morning rises, the Thin Clergyman (controller) hears that Thomas and Scoop are heading up Moose Mountain to search for the mysterious Moose Mountain Quarry, he calls the Fat Controller to send Edward and Percy to Atlantis to find Thomas and Scoop, then heads to Alien X and Nick and the four (two from Sodor, two from Atlantis) arrive immediatly at Moose Mountain. But it had rained last night, so the rails had became slippery. Luckily for them, they discover Scoop and Thomas' two missing packed cars and a secret tunnel covered by rocks.

Meanwhile, up the mountain, Thomas and Scoop continue up the mountain. They soon arrive at a tree core-looking place. Thomas and Scoop wonder if it's Moose Mountain Quarry or not. Then some wind blows some leaves off the tree and see a sign envied in gold saying "Welcome to Moose Mountain Quarry". Thomas and Scoop are extremely suprised and blow their whistles very loudly. It is so loud, it echoes through the mountain that Alien X, Percy, Nick, Edward, the Fat Controller and the Thin Clergyman hear it, thinking that Thomas and Scoop are in danger, so they continue through the tunnel. Meanwhile, at the quarry, Scoop and Thomas are exploring the quarry, which loads clams, starfish and coral for the trucks in place for rocks. When they discover there's no way out, they discover an exit: a disused track to rafts with a waterfall pouring onto the tracks. When the two deccide to use it only for emergencies, the two are founded by Nick, Alien X, Edward, Percy, the Thin Clergyman and the Fat Controller. The Thin Clergyman scolds Scoop and Thomas for not telling him where they were headed. They tell him it was Greta who told Thomas, and the Thin Clergyman agrees with this. Then they hear a sound, and Thomas discovers it's a "massive AVALANCHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" as he calls it. They all enter the quarry and find the rafts and go on them one at a time. They are then taken by a river where they ride down the rapids until they see the river end. Alien X thinks it's the end of the world, but Thomas knows it's a waterfall. They all scream in horror as they fall down the waterfall. When they surface again, they can't find the Thin Clergyman, and Thomas thinks he has died. They all mourn, but then the Thin Clergyman surfaces making everyone all relieved. He tells them he survived the fall, and they all head back to Atlantis for their biggest rest in years.

The next day, the Thin Clergyman scolds Greta for telling Thomas about Moose Mountain and its quarry and is sent to work at the Waterworks as punishment. He then heads to Neptune Sheds to tell Thomas and Scoop made the front page of the newspaper with the article titled "Thomas and Scoop discover the legendary Moose Mountain Quarry"! The engines are suprised and think what next discovery they should find, and get their answer from a mysterious shadow up above (it's Ten Cents from TUGS who makes his first appearance since "Railroad Regatta").








Alien X

The Thin Clergyman



The Fat Controller









1. Scoop and Thomas discover Moose Mountain Quarry in this episode, but in "Jacques to the Rescue", Jacques tells Scoop that he is an engine working at Moose Mountain Quarry.