The Great Muppet Adventure is the upcoming movie of the Muppets due to released on Christmas Day 2011.


The film opens with all the Muppets boarding a plane heading to California. As the plane lands in California, the Muppets meet an adult named Rusty (Tim Allen), who shows them around California. It starts to get dark and Kermit decides they sleep in a hotel. They reach Moose Mountain Hotel, where the hotel manager (played by Johnny Fiama) tells Rusty and the Muppets to go to rooms 316, 317, 318, and 320. In 316, Kermit, Robin, Pepe, and Rusty discover Champion the Cow (Twitch Graves), Frankie the Magical Penguin and Wigi the Creature (Frank Welker). The trio tell Rusty they have been living in Moose Mountain Hotel ever since "The Great Kraken Attack" where a kraken discovered by a sailor called Kraken (Alec Baldwin) attacked a big ship injuring Kraken and 6 sailors and killing the captain along with 14 sailors while the others escaped with Kraken. The other Muppets settle in their rooms and go to sleep except for Robin who looks up at the stars then goes back to sleep.

The next day, everyone wakes up and wonders where Robin went, and then Robin appears with the breakfast cart. They all eat breakfast, then exit out of the hotel for their day. While walking, they see a poster for the annual Los Angeles Dancing Contest. Pepe exclaims to this: "I'm a dancing expert, okay!". Then it becomes lunch and Scooter decides to eat somewhere new. They see a Pizza Hut resturant and go inside. When the waiter comes across them, he asks what they'll have. Kermit tries to decide what they should have, but Gonzo by accident says they'll have everything. The waiter asks $100.00 dollars, and Rusty gives him the money. After they're done, Miss Piggy sneaks into Kermit's wallet and pulls out a dollar and sneaks it into the tip jar.

The night at the dance party, Rusty falls in love with a girl named Esther (Ashanti) and all the Muppets dance with Kermit and Clifford doing the moonwalk like Michael Jackson. However, Champion puts in a disc containing a song called Let's Groove (The song is Champion's theme) where Clifford falls in love with Marina (Dora the Explorer's cousin). When the dance is over, a mysterious figure watches the Muppets and Rusty exiting the party.

The next day, the Figure lures Clifford and Marina to the middle of Los Angeles and tells them it's a suprise from Rusty. They wait and the figure orders his henchmen to start the wildebeest stampede. Rusty and Kermit see the wildebeests and think that Clifford and Marina are in danger so Rusty tells Kermit to get all the Muppets and let Rusty get the car (a dark-green colored racecar). They race to Clifford and Marina just before the wildebeests. They get out of the stampede by taking a different way and their lives are spared. They don't know who started the stampede, so Rusty drives the Muppets to his friend Grace's (Whoopi Goldberg) house. When Grace is done finishing her lunch, Robin asks who started the stampede, and Grace replies that it was Bruce Johnson (Matthew Lillard), and to give them proof she shows them Bruce's diary which kept all his evil plans to murder Rusty. Once Robin hands it to Kermit, the Muppets decide it's best to stop Bruce from murdering Rusty.

That night, Champion sneaks out and tries to prove Kermit's innocence. He sees an alleyway that hadn't been used. He sees Bruce and hides behind an old dumpster. Champion sees that Bruce is telling his henchmen his plan of murdering Rusty. Luckily, Champion isn't seen and decides to report this to Kermit, Rusty, Robin and the others tommorow.

The mext morning, Champion arrives and tells Robin about Bruce's plan. Robin is horrified, and whispers it to Rusty. Rusty is terrified and tells Kermit. Kermit tells everyone about his plan.

They prop a dummy of Rusty towards the window where Bruce is aiming. The Muppets and Rusty climb up the building to fight. While Rusty fights Bruce, The Muppets try to defend Robin from the henchmen. The henchmen fall over the side thanks to Uncle Deadly. Rusty final beats Bruce off the side of the building where he falls to his death. Uncle Deadly remarks when Bruce falls to his death: "Wow. That was amazing."

The day the Muppets are to leave California, Clifford gives Marina a silent kiss. Kermit and Robin give Rusty the "special Muppet touch". Before heading to the airport, they attend a wedding where Rusty and Esther are married. When Kermit asks Champion, Wigi and Frankie if they want to come with the Muppets back to Mega City, they reply yes. At the airport, the Muppets board the plane as Clifford waves goodbye to Marina. As the plane takes off, Champion asks where Mega City is located, and Robin replies: "Mega City is located in Minnesota." The film ends with Kermit and the cast singing "Let's Groove (Reprise)".



Steve Whitmire: Kermit, Rizzo the Rat, Beaker, Bean Bunny, Statler

Eric Jacobson: Miss Piggy, Fozzie, Animal, Sam the Eagle

Bill Baretta: Pepe, Dr. Teeth, Johnny Fiama, Rowlf the Dog

Jerry Nelson: Uncle Deadly, Mickey Moose, Floyd Pepper

Dave Goelz: Gonzo, Waldorf, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, Zoot

Brian Henson: Scooter and Janice

Kevin Clash: Clifford the Catfish

Frank Welker: Wigi, Frankie, Skeeter

Twitch Graves: Champion the Cow

Matt Vogel: Robin


Tim Allen as Rusty

Whoopi Goldberg as Grace

Steve Carell as Derek

Anne Hathaway as Carrie

Ben Stiller as Nick

Jack Black as Perry

Matt Damon as himself

Mel Brooks as Mark

Ashanti as Esther

Alec Baldwin as Kraken (sailor)

Matthew Lillard as Bruce