Tangled is a new TV series by Cartoon Ringtone Studios. It features characters from the film Tangled with some new characters and a new villain.


  • Rapunzel: The main protagonist, is a young girl married to Flynn Rider who still has her long Golden Hair to glow and heal, but sometimes has her short brown hair.
  • Flynn Rider: The main deuteragonist, a thief married to Rapunzel who doesn't take things way too hard.
  • Crystal: Rapunzel and Flynn's new daughter.
  • Pascal: The main tritagonist, Rapunzel's pet chameleon who can change colors.
  • Maximus: Flynn's horse, a white stallion.
  • Retieto: One of Flynn's friends, an male Italian who visits the protagonists in some episodes.
  • Darkess: The main antagonist, A female sorceress who tries to destroy Flynn in most episodes, but her plans ultimately fail.


  1. Mercedes' Power: The pilot, Flynn and Pascal encounter Darkess, a female sorceress who plots to destroy Flynn and his allies, after they steal her prize: a wand called Mercedes' Power.
  2. Mist of a Thousand Moons: Flynn is in trouble after Darkess sends him to the moon, so Rapunzel has to save him and leave Crystal under the care of Pascal.
  3. Mines Mayhem: After discovering a rare crystal, Flynn decides to give it to his daughter for her birthday, But Flynn gets trapped in the mine he discovered the crystal.