Scoop the Train is a spin-off of Thomas and Friends due to air in September 2010. The show focuses on Scoop and his friends trying to keep being busy working on their railway located in the undersea city of Atlantis.


  • Scoop - The main protagonist, has a face like Scoop from Bob the Builder, but attached to the top of a yellow cab and runs on fuel tanks. An 0-6-0.
  • Alien X - Scoop's best friend, an 0-4-0, who likes taking the mail. Is afraid of spiders.
  • Nick - The second engine, a 4-4-0, who is the back engine of every train. Likes working at the Quarry.
  • Frank - Modeled after Frank from the Railway Series, Frank is a diesel who is best known for getting "Special Fuel", getting a new shape after an accident, and taking the goody train The Flying Dutchman. An 0-4-4.
  • Barry - a 10 wheeled engine, who takes the Express.
  • Randy - a red engine who works at Farmer Benny's farm. He is a 2-4-0.


Episodes (Season 1)Edit

  1. Pizza: Scoop has to take 4 boxcars of pizza to Luigi's Pizzeria or else it'll be shut down forever.
  2. Instruments: Scoop is chosen to take the famous New Orleans Zydeco Band to the annual Atlantis Music Festival.
  3. UFO: Things start to disappear and everyone thinks a UFO has come to raid Atlantis.
  4. Milk: Alien X is chosen to take milk to a dairy but a cow strays on the line.
  5. Salty Island Rescue: Scoop is taken to Salty Island and meets three engines: Carl, Moby and Otto.
  6. Fire: Scoop sees fire engines and decides he takes on fire lessons when he's older.
  7. Bowling Ball: Scoop joins a bowling team and learns about cheating and fairness.
  8. Colors: A painter accidently spills red paint on Scoop and is sent away.
  9. Washout: A song annoys Scoop so much he falls into a pond and is taken out by Alien X.
  10. Rescue: Nick saves Scoop from dangling with a train of logs over Edge Cliff.
  11. Sheep: Sheep stray on the line causing confusion and delay for Scoop, Alien X and Frank.
  12. Whistles and Horns: An arguement over whistles and horns causes work to be undone.
  13. Cable Car: The local cable car becomes stuck on a perch of the mountain and Scoop has to rescue it.
  14. Mountains: Scoop goes into an open rail section of mountain and takes a ride!
  15. Quarry Rescue: Scoop saves Nick from an explosion at the quarry.
  16. The Jet Engine: Scoop collects a jet engine and a careless crane switches it on sending Scoop on a ride!
  17. The Mine: Frank discovers an old mine and enters it sending him on a ride!
  18. Pirate Adventure: Scoop learns of a treasure buried in Atlantis in 1620 and goes on a search for it.
  19. Return of the Steam Locmotives: 10 steam locomotives return to Atlantis for work after a big overhaul.
  20. Scoop to the Rescue: Scoop saves Randy and earns two goods vans and his own tree line.

1st MovieEdit

"Scoop and the Magic Railroad" (working title: Train Trek) is the first movie of Scoop the Train.

Season 2Edit

  1. A Scarf for Vanessa: Vanessa, the driver of Scoop, gets covered in jelly and the Thin Clergyman's new trousers.
  2. The Missing Goods Van: Pirate the Crane arrives in Atlantis and accidently shunts one of Scoop's Goods Vans.
  3. Scoop, Alien X, and the Coal: Scoop gets covered in coal, and Alien X slides into a ditch.
  4. Scoop Comes to Dinnertime: Scoop crashes into the Signalman's house just before he can have dinner.
  5. Scott: An engine named Scott comes to Atlantis and helps Alien X and Nick.
  6. Alien X's Predicament: Alien X crashes into a brakevan and Scoop returns.
  7. Coal: Frank is feeling ill and Scoop solves the problem by bringing Special Fuel to him.
  8. The Flying Dutchman: Frank takes the Flying Dutchman and gets a new shape.
  9. Coaches: The Thin Clergyman is deciding if to keep Pirate or send him back.
  10. The Savery: The engines tell the Thin Clergyman to keep Pirate and the Clergyman says Yes and Pirate is kept.
  11. Better Late Than Forever: The seashell viaduct is under repairs and this makes trains late than ever before.
  12. Saved from Scrap: Nick discovers a tractor named Harry, and the Vicar saves him.
  13. A New Friend for Scoop: Harry is feeling workless, and gets to works at the harbour with Scoop all day.
  14. Tommy the Steam Engine: Tommy, a steam engine, whose railway is closed, is bought by the Thin Clergyman.
  15. Trouble for Scoop: Scoop is abandoned from the Quarry line, until Tommy the Steam Engine scares the policeman.
  16. Scoop and the Missing Ornaments: Scoop is taking ornaments to the christmas tree, but gets stuck in a snowdrift.

Season 3 (Longest Season Ever)Edit

  1. Ride on the Rapids: Atlantis is flooded and during a ride on the rapids Scoop sees land for the first time in years.
  2. Alien X Proves a Point: A new helicopter called Cheese challenges Alien X to a race from Poseidon Station to the Sunken Yard.
  3. Scoop, Alien X, and the Dragon: Alien X teases Scoop and Scoop gets back by scaring him with a Chinese Dragon.
  4. Lucky: Scoop finds a baby golden retreiver, gets to keep him, and names him Lucky.
  5. Ghosts: A ghostly galleon sinks to the seabed, scaring everyone until Pirate explains what happened and why.
  6. Calling All Engines! 2: A new laundromat is being built and lots of work has to be done, meanning help from Diesel 12.
  7. The Runaway Rescue: Pirate's brakes stop working and Scoop has to help when no other engines are available.
  8. Tanganeka: A new bus arrives to cause trouble and is turned into a chicken coop for good.
  9. Frank's Forest: A stormy night damages Frank's special forest, but an idea from Scoop saves Frank's broken heart.
  10. The Trouble with Syrup: Scoop gets covered in chocolate syrup and has to take a washdown.
  11. Tank Engines: A visitor's coal bunker prompts jealousy on Frank until Pirate plays a trick on him.
  12. Pop Goes the Diesel: A diesel named Opus comes to Atlantis.
  13. Dirty Tracks: Opus spreads a lie to the trucks, and Pirate is sent to work with Nick.
  14. A Close Wave: Some runaway freight cars and a ride on a wave sends Pirate into a local paint shop.
  15. Munitions: An explosion in Atlantis causes "The Great Atlantis Explosion of 2010"!
  16. Railroad Regatta: When a blinded tramper hits Ten Cents (from TUGS) and sinks, Scoop comes to the rescue.
  17. All at 2 Worlds: Pirate dreams of the horizon, but cares engines need rails, too.
  18. The Coffee Train: Scoop has to take coffee to the docks or the ship taking the coffee will be delayed.
  19. Moonlight Station: A new station opens at Midnight, and Scoop decides to investigate it.
  20. Thomas the Tank Engine: Thomas the Tank Engine comes to Atlantis for a long visit.
  21. Atlantis: The Thin Clergyman tells Scoop and Thomas the history of Atlantis.
  22. Candy: Scoop gives Thomas the job of delivering candy to a fiesta in southern Atlantis.
  23. Railroad Rally: Scoop and Thomas make the "Railroad Rally", a race around Atlantis!
  24. Tiki Trouble: A tiki comes to Atlantis causes bad luck until a sea volcano shoots it out of the Sea.
  25. The Magical Jewels Quest: Thomas and Scoop learn of magic jewels, and set out on the adventure.
  26. Nick, Harry and the Really Useful Party: The Vicar is holding a party, and wants Nick and Harry to help.
  27. Scoop Meets Mocar: Scoop meets Mocar, an engine who takes things to a living!
  28. Lucky Dip: Pirate must collect fish, meaning he must go down to the river and stay there all week.
  29. Escape: Thomas rescues an engine named Draken, his coach Oscar, and his brakevan Izzy.
  30. The Chase: Thomas and Scoop help Draken get away from the diesels who want to scrap him.
  31. Alien X, Randy and the Veggie Day: Alien X and Randy have to take veggies to market.
  32. The Disease-steamie: Twins Alan and Artie meet Cobo, Boco's twin brother.
  33. Alien X Takes the Plunge: Alien X dives into the rocks after some cars bump him.
  34. Muddy Scoop: Thomas gets covered in mud and needs an extreme washdown.
  35. Scoop's Valentine: Scoop reveals to his driver, Vanessa, that he is in love with her since the day they met.
  36. Lucky to the Rescue: Scoop derails and is rocketing down the hill to the river, so Lucky goes back for help.
  37. The Strawberry Special: Scoop takes more than 4 cars of strawberries to the factory!
  38. Two Good Turns: Pirate has to take coal to Nick, but a cow on the line delays the delivery.
  39. Rescuers: Thomas, Scoop and Draken rescue workers at the docks when a tramper carrying explosives explodes!
  40. Opus Does it Again: When Draken becomes seasick, Opus returns to cause more mayhem.
  41. Old Reliable: Scoop recalls about an engine called Old Reliable who was to be sent to Sodor, but they never found him.
  42. Golden Rails: Pirate finds some wheels, and gives them to Thomas, which makes the rails gold!
  43. Jurrasic Park: Scoop goes back to 1993 with Thomas and go on a Jurrasic adventure!
  44. Sea Rescue: An engine out at sea is lost and Thomas has to help because Scoop is sick.
  45. The Age of Science: Scoop goes ahead in the future and decides to show his friends next time.
  46. Marzipan: Thomas has to take Marzipan candy to a girl's Quinceanera before the sun sets and the moon rises.
  47. Storytime Scoop: Thomas has to take a librarian to Echo Cove but three problems stand in his way.
  48. Fire Arrows: Thomas discovers an archer's match and sends him to safety school again after lighting his arrow with it.
  49. Ready to Roll: Scoop takes a train but breaks down so he lets Thomas take it.
  50. Wrong Tracks: Nick accidently goes on the mainline while Barry has to work on the branchline.
  51. Randy in a Mess: Randy crashes into three coal trucks and teaches a lesson to the cars afterwards.
  52. Barry and the Famous Vistor: Barry tries to go 200 miles per hour but ends up losing his whistle in the process.
  53. Pirate Adventure 2: The Journey Begins: The Thin Clergyman explains to Thomas that pirates live on Atlantis.

Season 4Edit

  1. Granchuff: Thomas tells the story of an engine named Rosario who worked on a mountain railway with Atlas and Sam.
  2. Princess Charming: Thomas ends the story of Rosario: Searchers find him and bring him to the Atlantean railway.