Nicole Jensen is a new character of the TV Series Muppetstudios made by Cartoon Ringtone Studios. In the series, she is played by Tina Fey. Also in the series, Kermit has a love relationship with Nicole, which annoys Miss Piggy.


  1. Muppetstudios
  2. Muppet Toy Story 2
  3. Attack of the 50-Foot Prawn: A Muppet Movie

Quotes (from films)Edit

Muppet Toy Story 2:

(at the apartment)

Nicole: "Over here, guys! Just like you said, Rowlf: Through the airvent to floor 24! Alright, men let's roll!"

Rizzo: "You know, I think that Buzz Lightyear toy aisle got Nicole through her head."

Pepe: "Oh, snap! Which way do we go?"

Nicole: "That way!"

Gonzo: "Nicole, what makes you so sure? It's not like you are Buzz Lightyear or something!"

Nicole: "Guys, What's that?"

Fozzie: "Guys, look! It's not the walls, It's the Elevator!"

(to level 24)

Pepe: "That's Kermit, Walter and the others!"