New Diego is the 7th episode of Regular Show's fifth season. It introduces the first appearance of a new park staff member: a gray owl called Diego.


The episode opens with Wally jumping on his trampoline with Mordecai and Rigby, doing weird moves in the air such as:

  1. Drinking coffee
  2. Mordecai watching Raiders of the Lost Ark
  3. Wally dressed as a pirate battles Davy Blue-Jay (Mordecai)

After this, they do one more jump so high, they laugh when they hit the ground. Benson tells them that the staff's having a meeting. They disagree but Benson tells them to come now. At the meeting, Benson tells everyone that they're having a switch. Pops, for one day, has to work at Great Millcook Reserve, while a member from the Reserve, a gray owl called Diego will be working here for one day. On the bus to the reserve, Pops waves goodbye to his friends and leaves while another bus arrives with Diego on it. They welcome Diego and show him around.

At the reserve, Pops meets Elliot, a donkey and head of the reserve who shows Pops around. Elliot dresses Pops up as a safari guide during an introduction to Ollie the Octopus.

Meanwhile, back at the park, Diego is trying to teach Mordecai how to fly while Rigby and Wally watch.