This is a list of Muppet Characters appearing in the upcoming Muppet movie The Great Muppet Adventure.

Muppets (Protagonists)Edit

1. Kermit the Frog (Protagonist)

2. Fozzie (Deuteragonist)

3. Gonzo (Tritagonist)

4. Miss Piggy (Protagonist)

5. Pepe the Shrimp (Protagonist)

6. Rizzo the Rat (Protagonist)

7. Uncle Deadly (Protagonist)

8. Robin the Frog (Protagonist)

9. Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem (Protagonists)

10. Champion the Cow (debut) (Protagonist)

11. Frankie the Magical Penguin (debut) (Protagonist)

12. Wigi the Creature (debut) (Protagonist)

13. Statler and Waldorf (Protagonsists)

14. Clifford the Catfish (Protagonist)

15. The Swedish Chef (Protagonist)

16. Scooter (Protagonist)

17. Skeeter (Protagonist)

18. Camilla the Chicken (Major role)

19. Johnny Fiama (hotel manager)

20. Rowlf the Dog (Protagonist)

21. Dr. Bunsen Honeydew (Protagonist)

22. Beaker (Protagonist)

23. Bean Bunny (Major role)

24. Mickey Moose (Major role)


1. Tim Allen as Rusty, the main human protagonist with Kermit the Frog

2. Whoopi Goldberg as Grace, Rusty's best friend

3. Steve Carell as Derek, a fast-food resturant chef

4. Anne Hathaway as Carrie, Rusty's 3rd Grade school teacher

5. Ben Stiller as Nick, a singer of the 1960s

6. Jack Black as Perry, Rusty's karate teacher

7. Matt Damon as himself

8. Mel Brooks as Mark, Rusty's college partner

9. Ashanti as Esther, Rusty's girlfriend

10. Alec Baldwin as Kraken, a sailor who broke his arm during "The Great Kraken Attack!".

11. Matthew Lillard as Bruce, a gangster and the main antagonist.