The Little Mermaid is a brand-new future episode of the television series, Little Einsteins. It introduces Paxton, a child surfer who was swept away from USA on a huge wave during a big storm and needs the Little Einsteins' help to get back home.

Part 1: Paxton ArrivesEdit

The episode starts off with Leo, June, Annie and Quincy at the beach. Leo and Quincy are tanning off in the sun with Annie and June building sandcastles. However, a rumbling is heard and Quincy looks through his telescope as he sees it: a giant wave with a surfer surfing it! Unfortunately, the wave stops a mile from the beach onto an algae rock breaking the surfboard and sending the surfer head first onto the beach. Leo comes to him and asks him if he's alright. The surfer says he's okay and introduces himself as Paxton and says he's been lost at sea. Our crew brings him back to their lair (Rocket's hideout) and fix up Paxton. Paxton wakes up, frantically searching for a book that caused him to go surfing. He finds the book and it's called 'The Little Mermaid'. He looks at page 1 and this starts the story part of the plot.

Part 2: The Little MermaidEdit

The story starts with us meeting Prince Leonardo (Leo) enjoying the breeze of the sea air ("Fathoms Below"). We are then taken underwater and see the underwater kingdom and meet the king's youngest daughter: Princess Tia (June) who longs to see the world above. One night, with her companion Little Blue Crab and her father's royal advisor (a jellyfish named Tucker who is a great rock-and-roll guitar player), Tia sees a ship and takes a look at it. There she sees tons of humans, which include Prince Leonardo. Tia falls in love with Leonardo, but then a sudden storm hits, tossing Leonardo overboard. Tia rescues Leonardo and brings him home to his kingdom. She sings to him and Leonardo awakens, prompting Tia to the ocean. However, back at Tia's home, Tucker uncontrolablly breaks the news of Tia going to the surface to her father, King Pheonix (Paxton) and heads to Tia's room, where he ultimately grounds her for a year. She, however, visits Tucker's college teacher Roxy (Annie) who is now a sea witch. She gives Tia a potion that will turn her into a human for 12 days. She is turned into a human and meets Prince Leonardo. She is taken in for dinner while Tucker encounters Chef Sebastian ("Le Poissons"). After the 11th day, Roxy turns herself into a human to stop Tia. However, Tia and Leonardo kiss breaking the spell making Tia forever a human.

Part 3: The Officials Have Spoken!Edit

As the story ends, Paxton drinks a cup of choclate milk while Leo reads a letter from a group called "The Officials". It says about their Little Mermaid episode and because of that great adventure, Paxton is finally accepted into the Little Einsteins group. Because of this, Paxton does a short rock-and-roll solo featuring a guitar! The episode ends with us seeing the music notes on his page with the name of the solo he just played. We learn that the solo was just a musical piece called "Paxton's The Officials Have Spoken!"